The traditional office layout and a “one size fits all” mentality are a thing of the past.

We know that the future of work is evolving – the traditional office layout and work processes are a thing of the past. We understand how influential the right work environment can be to enhance productivity, innovation, and collaboration. Finding the balanced work strategy, including HR, operations, technology, compliance, finance, and real estate is a critical requirement. While there are many resources, articles, and points of view of what the future of office should look like, very few, if any, focus on how to create the optimal plan that can be operationalized. We work with clients to deliver and operationalize a plan that supports your employees – no matter where they work.

No matter where your organization is in the process, our tiered process achieves everything from visioning and goals, discovery and analysis, creating a playbook, change management and, space planning and design.


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We know that for most organizations, a hybrid structure is inevitable. But a hybrid model isn’t one size fits all – it’s a spectrum. Understanding where your organization falls on the spectrum is the key is creating a sustainable workplace strategy. 

Download the Culture and Remote Work Spectrum guide to identify what type of organization you work in, and what hybrid strategy is most suitable for you. 

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Workplace Strategy

The Cost of Inaction: Introducing Work + Place

Much has been upended by the pandemic, but one of the most significant and lasting changes is our relationship with work.


Jamie Grossman


Stacey Litwin-Davies


Workplace Strategy

Understanding the Hybrid Work Spectrum

"Hybrid" has become the hot new buzzword in the wake of the pandemic, but there remains some confusion over its definition, as not all hybrid work policies are made the same. 


Jamie Grossman


Stacey Litwin-Davies


Workplace Strategy

Balancing People, Space and Tech to Achieve Cost Neutrality

The three biggest operating costs for the average organization are people, technology, and workspace. With an ongoing talent shortage in Canada...


Jamie Grossman


Stacey Litwin-Davies

During this multi-part Work + Place Thought Leadership Series, we will be walking you through the key pieces leaders need to be thinking about as they create and implement their Return to Work plans. This includes everything from finding the right hybrid work model for your organization, achieving cost neutrality, technology considerations, how to implement your strategy and more.
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Change Management

When an organization’s employees are not prepared to make a transition, the effectiveness of your new program is in jeopardy. We’re committed not only to enhancing your operations, but also to guiding your people through program implementation.

Hybrid Workforce Strategy

We help you navigate all of the critical requirements of a balanced hybrid work strategy including human resources, operations, technology, compliance, finance, and real estate. We will identify potential improvements and help you develop a plan that supports your employees - no matter where they work.

Occupancy Planning

Our team uses space utilization data to help you effectively manage space, enhancing your ability to control cost and achieve maximum flexibility.

Space Management Solutions

We utilize a variety of space management and reservation systems to provide valuable insight and reporting for your space. We remain technology agnostic and can work with your preferred space management and reservation system.

Workplace Strategy

We align people, process, and technology to create a workplace that increases productivity and enhances the employee experience.


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