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Key Insights from the Employee Experience Summit 2024

Key Insights from the Employee Experience Summit 2024


Many companies are attempting to optimize office performance and are struggling to understand if there is a correlation between in-office attendance and employee engagement levels.

At the Employee Experience Summit, held on June 18 and 19, 2024, our Workplace Solutions experts shared invaluable insights on this common challenge, along with the evolving roles of HR leaders and the importance of deep data analysis.


1. Discover how HR leaders are managing the overwhelming workload of workplace strategies and hybrid work models.

HR leaders are now managing not only traditional tasks but also workplace strategies, hybrid work models, and attendance solutions. This expanded role is leading to significant stress due to the overwhelming workload.

2. Understand the connection between employee engagement and company performance.

Understanding the connection between engagement, performance, and attendance is crucial. In Canada, 60% of employees are not engaged, costing North American businesses an estimated $350 billion annually.[1] This disengagement often stems from a misalignment between leaders and staff, with leaders overestimating employee satisfaction.

3. Learn why breaking down data beyond averages is essential for supporting diverse employee needs.

While companies collect data on employee perceptions and space utilization, many struggle to implement effective hybrid strategies. Averages can be misleading and fail to identify at-risk groups. Detailed data analysis is essential for understanding diverse employee needs and improving strategies.

4. Explore the benefits of flexible, choice-based hybrid work models.

Addressing the diverse needs of employees’ leads to increased engagement, performance and productivity. Building a culture of inclusion through relationship management is made possible through a deeper understanding of employee behaviors.

Stacey Litwin-Davies, Principal of Workplace Solutions, at the Employee Experience Summit 2024

By understanding the link between engagement, performance, and attendance, and breaking down data beyond averages, businesses can create more effective workplace strategies and support a diverse workforce, leading to greater business benefit.

To better understand how to create a positive employee experience, download the full report for a path forward and key strategies here.

Reach out to our Workplace Solutions experts and discuss how to optimize your employee engagement here.

[1] Source: Canada Human Resources Centre - The Management Journal’s Semi-Annual Employee Engagement Index

June 27, 2024


To better understand how to create a positive employee experience, download the full report for a path forward and key strategies.


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